June 2

The Easiest Way To Get Things Done


Getting things done the easy wayThe easiest way to get things done….Don’t do anything….The end….You’re welcome.

OK seriously, you can’t just curl up in your house and do nothing all day.  Well I guess you could but if you are reading this, you are probably not the kind of person who would do that.  So back to getting things done, more specifically the easiest way to get things done.

I have a specific weakness in that at times I can burden myself with tasks that I keep in the back of mind.  I know these tasks need attention but I don’t make the effort to address these specific tasks.  Two primary things happen when I do this:

  1. I get overwhelmed.
  2. I forget to do things.

Time and space productivity changed my working life.  By taking tasks that occupied my mind and caused overwhelm, I was now able to clear these items out of my mind by designating a specific time that these tasks were going to be done at a later date.  If the task is worth remembering and can’t be handled immediately, it gets put on the calendar to be handled at a later time.

Issues with being overwhelmed…mostly solved.  (I say mostly because as a business owner I don’t know if I can completely stop this from happening but I have significantly reduced it.)

So now on to forgetting things.  Damn I hate spacing something off and my wife really likes it when I do it too.  My clients don’t get too pleased about either and my guess is your clients don’t either.  Having a system for productivity solves your forgetfulness issues.  Creating the time and space to tackle the issues ensures that you know when, where and how you are going to approach every to-do that you have.  When you have that down and you are committed, your project is as good as done.

A common approach that we subconsciously have is to try and tackle everything that is on our plates today.  We don’t allow ourselves to be realistic with our to-dos.  Scheduling time and space for tasks is easy to do and makes getting things done easier than any other system that you have used.  So get scheduling and get simple.

How do you get things done?


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About the Author

Brandon is the Founder & CEO of New Work Revolution, a noted speaker and strategic thinker. After working in corporate America for 10 years and experiencing the good, bad, and ugly of it, New Work Revolution was created to assist business owners in stepping into their power as a leader so they can build teams and grow their business the RIGHT way.

Brandon Allen

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