November 15

Your purpose and living your best life possible


One question you may be asking yourself is, “what is my Soul Purpose?”.  This is a spiritual conversation that may take years to fully answer and is something that is always developing.

I ran accross a comparison last night between mission and purpose.

“Purpose is the intuition of your spiritual goal; mission is what you live as you move towards this goal.” I wanted to make sure that it is understood that Soul Purpose and terms like “Life Mission” are not the same thing as sometimes I hear them used interchangably.

Now that I have covered Soul Purpose in its’ essence a little more, I wanted to talk about why we strive to fully express our Soul Purpose. The conversation comes around to discovering our Purpose so that we can create value for other.  Before we can create value for others we must create value for ourselves.  This entails changing the conversation that we have about ourselves.  Things like, “I’m not good enough”, “No one values that” as just a couple of examples that we have all told ourselves.  Some people I know get a little nervous when I talk about self interest and it’s role in serving others.  It’s natural for people to think that doing for themselves is selfish when there are other people relying on them.  This is a common struggle that I hear from mothers especially.  Just remember that to do be the best at anything you have to be the best person you can be for yourself first.  One of the tools to help change our mindset is taking time in the morning to workout, pray, meditate and read.  (Not necessarily in that order.)  Doing these activities every morning puts you in the fast track to self discovery.

Soul Purpose when fully expressed is living God’s plan for you at your highest level.  This creates the ability for us to create the maximum amount of value in the world in service to others.  There is nothing more rewarding or satisfying than that.  This conversation is not about making a lot of money or owning a big house or driving an expensive car.

Although living your Soul Purpose is a long journey and exercise in self discovery,  once we are able to stand more fully in our light the possibilities for living our ideal life are endless.  Ask yourself what you are doing to cultivate your gift.

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  1. I really love the definition you have of purpose.

    “Purpose is the intuition of your spiritual goal.”

    The idea that my Soul Purpose is my soul’s intuition really resonates with me. It creates a sort of reassurance that I really don’t need to justify my Soul Purpose to anyone. No one questions the intuition of a mother for her own child. And no one should be questioning the intuition of my own soul as to its purpose.

    As a person prone to worrying too much about what others think, this was great to hear.

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