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Experience Coordinator - Salt Lake City Area

Have Fun, Work Flexibly and Coordinate the Experience of Awesome People

Picture a job where you work a few hours a week, interact with successful and interesting people and possibly learn some pretty cool things while you are doing it.  Sound good?  Let me tell you a little bit more about what we are looking for. First let me introduce ourselves…

New Work Revolution is a company that’s in the business of transforming lives through a human beings capacity for influential leadership.  We do this through one-on-one coaching, online training and in-person workshops.  Our company is small but the impact that we make for the people that we serve is big. 

We are looking for a person who has a great personality, knows how to run a tight ship (We aren’t even sure what that means but it seems like it’s code for organized) and knows their way around a computer. We call this person the experience coordinator.  The person doing this job does the following: 

•Assists clients with scheduling and confirming appointments. 

•Helps us set up workshops and coordinate the logistics of that process. 

•Interacts with clients to assist with questions they may have. 

•Distributes the various communication that we send to our clients through our email client as well as social media. 

•Sets up the logistics of a client relationship when it starts. 

Hopefully you get the idea.  This is a fun place to work with a lot of interesting things going on.  Since we have had this role in the company for the last twelve years it has only been filled by two people.  My assumption from that is that the people who have served in this role have enjoyed it. Here’s what they had to say about it when I asked them: 

•Flexible hours

•Not micromanaged

•Gained a great knowledge of websites and programs that I never even knew existed

•Enjoyed meeting the clients at workshops and putting them together. 

•Being able to attend workshops myself to learn how to grow my own business

•Patience of others when I am learning something knew

•Work environment was not overly serious

•Allowed to have fun

This is a position where you can work from home as well.  We will supply you with any computers, etc. that you need as well. Starting pay is $15/hour.  Also, you need to live in the Salt Lake area or close to Salt Lake. 

Here’s how to apply: Send a resume and a cover letter describing what interests you about the position to In the subject line of your email, type the word ‘Experience' when sending your information to us. 


Not seeing anything that looks like a fit? Feel free to send over your resume and a bit about yourself, your goals and strengths and we'll take a look! We are always looking to build our team with people who are passionate to make a difference -
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We are in the game of creating the simplest, easiest to implement solutions for our clients, our partners and for ourselves. 

Clear Communication

When in doubt over-communicate. We value and expect thoughtful and intelligent communication. The culture of our organization is created through powerful, consistent communication.

High-Level Oganization

Every person in the organization is a steward over their area of work. We expect each area to be run with a high level of follow through, efficiency, and individual ownership.

Super-human Productivity

We get things done efficiently, effectively and at a level that people wonder how we did it. All while being home for dinner. We expect people to prioritize and execute with precision. 

We Lead

Leadership is a choice not a rank. Everyone in the organization leads themselves first and also demonstrates leadership qualities in their day to day interactions with others. We promote empowering team members to do their best work. 

Celebrate the Early Bird

The defeated warrior goes to battle first and then figures out how to win. The victorious warrior wins first and then goes to battle. We are always prepared and always ready to do great work every day. 

Be Uncomfortable

Growth requires pushing through discomfort and being willing to stand out and stand alone. Embrace sucking to continue to evolve into your best self. This is an ongoing journey that no one arrives at. 

We are Hoosiers

We live and die as a team. No one is bigger than the team. We work, win and fail together.

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