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2023 Strategic Business Forum Workshop Series

Strategic Business Forum Workshop

When it comes to your business, it's natural to think that what you are missing to get to that next level is some magical solution that a precious few (maybe the Illuminati?) know about that you don't. You don't need magic, you need is insight

Insight is hard to come by when you view your challenges inside the four walls that you are accustomed to dealing with these challenges in.  The solution to your problem already exists in your business, you just can't see it. It's the illusive obvious. 

The Strategic Business Forum was created as a place for leaders to gather and discover things about their business to take their business growth to the next level. 

I get that taking time to attend a workshop can be challenging due to time away from work, family, and not wanting to waste your time.

In reserving a spot at one of our upcoming live coaching experiences, here's what you will get out of it: 

  • Fun: You will have a damn good time at our workshop experience.
  • Great Questions: How do we creates powerful insights for you? Through the power of great questions. This is what we do best.
  • Connection: C.S. Lewis said that true friendship begins when one person says to the next "what, you too? I thought I was the only one." The people that attend these experiences are fun, courageous, value focused, and a little bit crazy.  In other words, you will really like them.
  • Frameworks for Implementation: You don't just get information through a fire hose. We take that information and give you an easy to implement framework for using the information that is discussed.

For fifteen years, we have entertained, trained and informed hundreds (maybe even thousands?) of business owners and leaders in our live coaching experiences. We would love to have you at the next one.

Take a look below at what's available to you for the rest of this year.

Workshop Line Up:

May 19th: Experience Mapping: Create Your Signature Solution and Design a System in Your Business that Delivers Repeatable, High Level, Results For Your Customers (1 -Day Virtual Workshop)

Registration is live, click below to get your spot:

July 14th and 15th: Management Made Simple (2 Day In Person workshop in SLC)

September 15th: High Leverage Leadership (1 Day Virtual Workshop)

November 17th:  Building Winning Relationships (1 Day Virtual Workshop)


As a result of attending Brandon's workshop, I realized I need to take the time in my business to plan, prepare and strategize. I learned how to cultivate ideas- journal, audio recordings, etc. I recommend others attend the Maximizing Mental Capital workshop. It helps to step back from the "grind" and have more potential.

Steve Chase

After attending Brandon's workshop, I realized that our business needs to clarify our mission. I appreciated the specific dives into each persons business. Both to address my specific needs, but also seeing other challenges others have and resolve. Putting thoughts on paper paper helped bring clarity. I also like the thought provoking questions. I recommend other's attend a workshop. It gives a fresh perspective to challenge status quo and/or the stale.

Bryan Teysen

I attended the Maximizing Mental Capital workshop via Zoom. I loved the frameworks Brandon shared for unleashing your thinking and bringing it to fruition. The workbook was really well laid out and helpful to foster thinking through the content. I gained new ideas, new clarity and some action items. I love the content New Work Revolution puts out. Thanks so much for the workshop!

Ian Clemens

Business Habits 2021

As a result attending Brandon's workshop, I realized that our business is doing some things well but others need work. I specifically liked the section on Finance. I give the Business Habits workshop a 10 and recommend others attend. There is always room to improve in this area.

Mark Kells

Art of Powerful Coaching

After attending Brandon's workshop, I discovered that I need to speak up, thing will not fix themselves. I specifically liked the group activities. I now have an understanding of positive coaching traits and taking those to action. I recommend others attend the workshop to gain those coaching tips. Always a pleasure attending a Brandon Allen event.

Saeed Karim

As a result of attending Brandon's workshop, I discovered that I need to release authority along with responsibility in my business. I liked being able to do Zoom, but I did miss the added insight by the fellowship with the rest of the group. Brandon did a great job! The content from both days was very good.

Jim Speer ... CEO, a mobility company

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