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Strategic Business Forum Workshop

Transformational Leaders!

Are you a driven entrepreneur yearning to lift your business to new levels? It's time to secure your place at an upcoming Strategic Business Forum workshop.

The Value of Your Participation

  • Unrivaled Networking – Forge meaningful connections with a diverse array of prestigious business owners, executives, and leaders, all of whom are on a quest for transformational business results. 
  • Invaluable Expert Knowledge – Gain insights from our business coaching team and growth-driving strategies for your business.
  • Dynamic, Interactive Workshops – Immerse yourself in stimulating workshops designed to foster unconventional thinking and introduce innovative problem-solving methodologies for your business challenges. 
  • Collaborative Learning – Your business journey is an invaluable source of knowledge. Share your triumphs and trials with other entrepreneurs, and learn from their unique journeys.


  • Tailored Experience – With deliberately limited attendee numbers, we guarantee that each session furnishes you with undivided attention and optimal value.
  • Grounded, Actionable Strategies – We emphasize substance over style; you'll only receive practical, immediately implementable strategies.
  • Top-Tier Facilitation – Our workshops aren't just led; they're steered by high level facilitation that has been highly rated over the past 15 years. 
  • Sustained Post-Forum Assistance – We believe in nurturing enduring relationships. To ensure effective strategy implementation, our support persists beyond the confines of the forum itself.


Being a forward-thinking leader, staying ahead is second nature to you. Isn’t it about time that you invested in a forum that meets you where you are at in your journey? A more pertinent question: Can you really afford not to?

Remember, opportunity isn't a given; it's a creation. Craft your own opportunity by securing your place at an upcoming Strategic Business Forum. Together, let's build a promising future for your business.

“In the contemporary world of leadership, influence supersedes authority.” - Ken Blanchard

A transformational future is on the horizon. Embrace it. Join us at the Strategic Business Forum.


April 19th:  Building Momentum Through Quarterly Planning and Productivity Tips (VIRTUAL)

July 19-20th: Building Empowered Teams (In-Person: Salt Lake City)

Oct. 18th: Developing Your Leadership Style and Skills (VIRTUAL)


As a result of attending Brandon's workshop, I realized I need to take the time in my business to plan, prepare and strategize. I learned how to cultivate ideas- journal, audio recordings, etc. I recommend others attend the Maximizing Mental Capital workshop. It helps to step back from the "grind" and have more potential.

Steve Chase

As a result of attending Brandon's workshop I discovered that I am lacking a consistent message across all areas of my business. I liked the small nature of the workshop and being able to share personal experiences with each other. I made come great networking connections and learned several different novelties that I should be doing. I recommend others attend the Quantum Marketing Workshop. It gives very good insight int the importance of marketing.

Erik Nelson

There were only a couple of items that could have kept us from doing coaching: thinking that we were too small a business to merit and benefit from coaching and the cost of the coaching... After we participated in the coaching program, We would recommend it to others. We have greatly benefited, and as a result of strategies we have learned from the coaching, we have become more confident in our own abilities as business owners. Well worth it!

Gary and Lisa Holst ... Business Owner

Art of Powerful Coaching

After attending Brandon's workshop, I discovered that I need to speak up, thing will not fix themselves. I specifically liked the group activities. I now have an understanding of positive coaching traits and taking those to action. I recommend others attend the workshop to gain those coaching tips. Always a pleasure attending a Brandon Allen event.

Saeed Karim

Art of Powerful Coaching

After attending Brandon's workshop, I discovered that our business needs more connection and coaching. I specifically liked the sections on SCARF and skill vs. will. I now have more self awareness and confidence to coach not having all the answers. I recommend others attend because it is filled with real life applicable content.

Grace Beers

After attending Brandon's workshop I realized that I need coaching and training. I now see my role in management and production. I learned to make agreements, not expectations and have communication clarity. I enjoyed the small group persona. It was a great workshop with lots on value.

Aaron Hultgren

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