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Your Invitation to the Strategic Business Forum - A Game Changer for Leaders

Strategic Business Forum Workshop

Transformational Leaders!

Are you a driven entrepreneur yearning to lift your business to new levels? It's time to secure your place at an upcoming Strategic Business Forum.

The Value of Your Participation

  • Unrivaled Networking – Forge meaningful connections with a diverse array of prestigious business owners, executives, and leaders, all of whom are on a quest for transformational business results. 
  • Invaluable Expert Knowledge – Gain insights from our business coaching team and growth-driving strategies for your business.
  • Dynamic, Interactive Workshops – Immerse yourself in stimulating workshops designed to foster unconventional thinking and introduce innovative problem-solving methodologies for your business challenges. 
  • Collaborative Learning – Your business journey is an invaluable source of knowledge. Share your triumphs and trials with other entrepreneurs, and learn from their unique journeys.

Uniqueness of Our Forum

  • Tailored Experience – With deliberately limited attendee numbers, we guarantee that each session furnishes you with undivided attention and optimal value.
  • Grounded, Actionable Strategies – We emphasize substance over style; you'll only receive practical, immediately implementable strategies.
  • Top-Tier Facilitation – Our workshops aren't just led; they're steered by high level facilitation that has been highly rated over the past 15 years. 
  • Sustained Post-Forum Assistance – We believe in nurturing enduring relationships. To ensure effective strategy implementation, our support persists beyond the confines of the forum itself.

What Lies Ahead?

Being a forward-thinking leader, staying ahead is second nature to you. Isn’t it about time that you invested in a forum that meets you where you are at in your journey? A more pertinent question: Can you really afford not to?

Remember, opportunity isn't a given; it's a creation. Craft your own opportunity by securing your place at an upcoming Strategic Business Forum. Together, let's build a promising future for your business.

“In the contemporary world of leadership, influence supersedes authority.” - Ken Blanchard

A transformational future is on the horizon. Embrace it. Join us at the Strategic Business Forum.

July 14th and 15th: Management Made Simple (2 Day In Person workshop in SLC)

September 15th: High Leverage Leadership (1 Day Virtual Workshop)

November 17th:  Building Winning Relationships (1 Day Virtual Workshop)


As a result of attending the Quantum Marketing Workshop, I discovered some action steps to improve my marketing plan. I liked the story brand and the website changes. I recommend others attend Brandon's workshop- there are a lot of great takeaways.

Andrew White

As a result of attending Brandon's workshop I discovered that I am lacking a consistent message across all areas of my business. I liked the small nature of the workshop and being able to share personal experiences with each other. I made come great networking connections and learned several different novelties that I should be doing. I recommend others attend the Quantum Marketing Workshop. It gives very good insight int the importance of marketing.

Erik Nelson

Art of Powerful Coaching

After attending Brandon's workshop, I discovered that our business needs more connection and coaching. I specifically liked the sections on SCARF and skill vs. will. I now have more self awareness and confidence to coach not having all the answers. I recommend others attend because it is filled with real life applicable content.

Grace Beers

After attending Brandon's workshop I realized that I need coaching and training. I now see my role in management and production. I learned to make agreements, not expectations and have communication clarity. I enjoyed the small group persona. It was a great workshop with lots on value.

Aaron Hultgren

After attending Brandon's workshop, I discovered that I need to say aloud a new direction for my business. It was great discussing and I liked the side deep dive with other participants. I give this workshop a 10 and recommend others attend.

Andrew Kim

After attending workshop, I discovered that our business has a good start but we are ready for refinement, improvement and strategy. I specifically liked the workbook as it gave force thinking/ processing on how to apply information. I enjoyed learning from the other attendees. It was helpful on all levels.

Tom Kruppstadt

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