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Strategic Business Forum Workshop



Getting clear and creative with your business model can be the difference between failure and a fantastic success. Do it with intention and see what a difference it can make.

Dec. 4th 9am-Noon MST
VIRTUAL - Video Conference


Annual Planning Accelerator

Kickoff the year right with this half-day virtual workshop designed to not only give you clarity around annual planning but get you an ACTUAL draft of your annual plan, how it can/should be used, when to change course, and more. This workshop will introduce the Akomplish Planning System to help you accelerate throughout the year WITHOUT burning out.  Already have a plan? We will help you stress-test it, polish it up and make sure you are ready to implement it right

Jan. 8th 9am-Noon MST
VIRTUAL - Video Conference


Business Habits

Your success or failure in business comes down to one thing, your habits. The better your habits in business the more likely that you set yourself up for predictable success. It’s easy to overlook habits because you may know habits by another word, fundamentals. Fundamentals aren’t sexy. It’s not a secret formula being passed on by someone who knows more than you. Fundamentals do one thing… help you kick ass in your business.

March 25-27th, 2020
LIVE - Location TBA


Smarter Customers by design

Details coming soon...

April 16th 9am-Noon MST
VIRTUAL - Video Conference

As a result of attending the Quantum Marketing Workshop, I discovered some action steps to improve my marketing plan. I liked the story brand and the website changes. I recommend others attend Brandon's workshop- there are a lot of great takeaways.

Andrew White

The feature I liked the most about Brandon's workshop was the delegation versus relegation. I enjoyed the outline for go-forward planning and the investing in employee development. I give the Architecture of Production Workshop a 10 and recommend others attend.

Tom Kruppstadt

These workshops help keep me accountable, especially with life trajectory. I liked the questions regarding connection and the things I will do after the event. It's a reset, a motivation to improve and strategize. I absolutely recommend others attend Brandon's workshop. I feel I am a better person because of it.

Caden West

As a result of attending Brandon's workshop, I discovered that a more thorough, comprehensive marketing plan can be created and produce growth in my practice. I liked engaging in discussion about the presentation and getting to meet other clients. I recommend others attend the Quantum Marketing workshop. It increased granularity about marketing comprehensively.

Paul Cardon

As a result of attending Brandon's workshop, I discovered that I need to release authority along with responsibility in my business. I liked being able to do Zoom, but I did miss the added insight by the fellowship with the rest of the group. Brandon did a great job! The content from both days was very good.

Jim Speer ... CEO, a mobility company

There were only a couple of items that could have kept us from doing coaching: thinking that we were too small a business to merit and benefit from coaching and the cost of the coaching... After we participated in the coaching program, We would recommend it to others. We have greatly benefited, and as a result of strategies we have learned from the coaching, we have become more confident in our own abilities as business owners. Well worth it!

Gary and Lisa Holst ... Business Owner

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