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Strategic Business Forum Workshop

LIVE, in-person Workshop in Salt Lake City
December 9th-10th, 2021

Selling and Marketing with Purpose is about how to create and present offerings in your business in a way that connects with the type of people you want to work with.

12/9-10 | Selling and Marketing with Purpose

January 7th | 9am – Noon MDT

Kickoff the year right with proven planning strategies, stress-test the plan, and the Akomplish Planning System to help you throughout the year.

2022 | 01/07 | Annual Planning Experience

LIVE, in-person Workshop in Salt Lake City
March 17th-18th, 2022

The True Profit Roadmap aims to help you identify the foundational pieces that help you to build your business strategically. (click to read more)

2022 | 03/17-3/18 | Your True Profit Roadmap

May 6th | 9am – Noon MDT

Experience Mapping is a powerful tool to optimize the experience of your customers, team, AND the business owner.

2022 | 05/06 | Experience Maps

LIVE, in-person Workshop in Salt Lake City
June 9th-10th, 2022

Your success or failure in business comes down to one thing, your habits. The better your habits in business the more likely that you set yourself up for predictable success. (click for more…)

2022 | 06/09-10 | Business Habits

One of the most important keys to building growth and freedom in business is to have a high performing team behind you supporting your efforts.

2022 | 09/15-09/16 | Building Winning Teams


Art of Powerful Coaching

As a result of attending the Art of Powerful Coaching, I discovered that we need to organize our performance review timeline. I specifically liked the building the leadership philosophy. It gave me an opportunity to get to know my direct report and I was able to resolve multiple issues. I recommend others attend as it provides a good foundation for leaders.

Matt White

The feature I liked the most about Brandon's workshop was the delegation versus relegation. I enjoyed the outline for go-forward planning and the investing in employee development. I give the Architecture of Production Workshop a 10 and recommend others attend.

Tom Kruppstadt

As a result of attending Brandon's workshop I discovered that I am lacking a consistent message across all areas of my business. I liked the small nature of the workshop and being able to share personal experiences with each other. I made come great networking connections and learned several different novelties that I should be doing. I recommend others attend the Quantum Marketing Workshop. It gives very good insight int the importance of marketing.

Erik Nelson

Art of Powerful Coaching

After attending Brandon's workshop, I discovered that I need to speak up, thing will not fix themselves. I specifically liked the group activities. I now have an understanding of positive coaching traits and taking those to action. I recommend others attend the workshop to gain those coaching tips. Always a pleasure attending a Brandon Allen event.

Saeed Karim

Art of Powerful Coaching

After attending Brandon's workshop, I discovered that our business needs more connection and coaching. I specifically liked the sections on SCARF and skill vs. will. I now have more self awareness and confidence to coach not having all the answers. I recommend others attend because it is filled with real life applicable content.

Grace Beers

Art of Powerful Coaching

I discovered our business has a lot of work to do after attending the workshop. I'm wondering if we are able to approach our goals without help from the outside. I like how Brandon used examples that helped me understand a lot. Also, I have huge respect and read it as very authentic when he brings up examples from his own experiences- both success and failures. Thank you!

Kate Wiaderkiewicz

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