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Strategic Business Forum Workshop

LIVE, in-person Workshop in Salt Lake City
September 16th-17th, 2021

A great business is a well planned and well-managed business. Formerly known as “Architecture of Production”, this workshop helps you implement a management system and goes over the finer points of managing your team for success.

09/16-17 | The True Profit Management System

October 15th | 9am – Noon MDT

Experience Mapping is a powerful tool to optimize the experience of your customers, team, AND the business owner.

10/15 | Experience Maps

LIVE, in-person Workshop in Salt Lake City
December 9th-10th, 2021

Selling and Marketing with Purpose is about how to create and present offerings in your business in a way that connects with the type of people you want to work with.

12/9-10 | Selling and Marketing with Purpose


There were only a couple of items that could have kept us from doing coaching: thinking that we were too small a business to merit and benefit from coaching and the cost of the coaching... After we participated in the coaching program, We would recommend it to others. We have greatly benefited, and as a result of strategies we have learned from the coaching, we have become more confident in our own abilities as business owners. Well worth it!

Gary and Lisa Holst ... Business Owner

After attending workshop, I discovered that our business has a good start but we are ready for refinement, improvement and strategy. I specifically liked the workbook as it gave force thinking/ processing on how to apply information. I enjoyed learning from the other attendees. It was helpful on all levels.

Tom Kruppstadt

As a result of attending the Quantum Marketing Workshop, I realized that my idea of marketing was limited and ineffective. I appreciated seeing that I'm not alone. I liked the core story and the TXD. I also enjoyed hearing the stories and struggles of others. I recommend others attend Brandon's workshop. The value it created is huge.

Drew Carroll

As a result of attending Brandon's workshop, I realized I need to take the time in my business to plan, prepare and strategize. I learned how to cultivate ideas- journal, audio recordings, etc. I recommend others attend the Maximizing Mental Capital workshop. It helps to step back from the "grind" and have more potential.

Steve Chase

Art of Powerful Coaching

As a result of attending Brandon's workshop, I discovered that I am an enabler. It helped my team develop an excellent leadership training. I enjoyed the practical coaching exercises and instruction. I recommend others attend Brandon's workshop.

Tom Kruppstadt

After attending Brandon's workshop I realized that I need coaching and training. I now see my role in management and production. I learned to make agreements, not expectations and have communication clarity. I enjoyed the small group persona. It was a great workshop with lots on value.

Aaron Hultgren

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