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The majority of us spend most of our waking lives at work. The New Work Revolution is a movement to create better leaders and better cultures.

The best way to create great work environments is through strong intentional leadership.

There's not a single leader out there that isn't trying to do their best to lead their teams. Despite the desire to lead well, there is still a lack of employee engagement (an employee's emotional commitment to the place they work), turnover remains high and cultures are lifeless.


The simple answer is that leaders lack the tools to connect and move the people that they work with.
The right tools allow leaders to:

  • connect with their team in a meaningful way
  • create healthy accountability that supports execution
  • remain positive focused with that accountability

The catalyst for leadership growth is through being intentional. Intentional leaders create movement in a world that is starved for healthy, high functioning leadership.


Leaders who take an intentional approach:

  • Work in their unique purpose daily.
  • Create experiences that are play to the leader’s strength both inside of their business for their employees as well as outside of their business for their customers.
  • Reduce stress by working in their areas of purpose and areas where they create the most impact.
  • Build teams that they trust and can delegate to.
  • Grow their business at a more rapid rate than business owners who aren’t intentional. Enjoy their life outside of their business.
  • The world is starving for high functioning leaders. The kind of leaders that create growth and an environment that allows everyone to operate from their zone of genius in an intentional way.
Are your people ready for freedom, growth and the creation of an environment that allows you to maximize your own super power?

About Brandon Allen

CEO at New Work Revolution

Before becoming a high level leader that created and built high performing teams and helped hundreds of business owners and leaders do the same, I was a leadership disaster. I lacked the ability to connect with people in a healthy way. I used fuzzy and passive aggressive communication techniques. To top it all off, I was a classic over-promiser and under­deliver-er for my team. My team was failing because I failed to create influence.

Through a three-year transformation process to improve my self-awareness and leadership tools, I was able to turn my struggling career around and get the results that my boss and my team could be proud of.

Today, I have helped to build Inc. 500 companies, New York Times bestsellers and significantly improved the quality of life and bottom line of hundreds of clients in many different industries.

I am the creator of the Strategic Business Forum workshop series and the host of the New Work Revolution podcast.

I have authored two books, Total Experience Design and the Management Playbook.

When I am not coaching or training, I, along with my wife and 4 cute girls, live in Salt Lake City, Utah. When asked to describe myself, I will tell you that I am "funny, charming, interesting, and handsome," all of which claims are highly questionable other than the first. I enjoy running, sports, music, hanging out with family, and reading when I am not busy helping others capitalize on their potential.

"We had the distinct honor of having Bran­don Allen be one our key note speakers at our South Dakota Chiropractic Association Super Conference. His lectures where high energy and very engaging for the member doctors. The thing I liked best about Bran­don's' talks where his unique perspective on business. We get pretty tied up in our own industry. He gave us a fresh outside in look at how to organize and run a business. This fresh look gave our member doctors that ability to make changes Monday morn­ing that would impact their bottom line. In setting up his lectures he relayed to me that not only would he speak on the first day but he would stay around for the whole week­end to add value any way possible. He delivered more than expected and would highly recommend him."

Dr Josh Biberdorf

President SDCA

Powerful Topics: 

Total Experience Design: How to stand out in a crowded market

Your business is a show. Great shows aren't great because of cosmetics, they are great because of strong, intentional back end processes. Total Experience Design takes you through the building blocks of experience, taking examples from the Grateful Dead to Zappos.

The Art of Powerful Coaching: How to create awareness that empowers your team

High level leaders are naturals at fixing processes and systems. They aren't great at fixing people. The Art of Powerful Coaching helps attendees uncover what gets in a leader's way from correcting issues in their business and three things leaders must have to be powerful coaches.

"I want to take a moment to give Brandon Allen my highest recommendation as a speaker specializing in business coaching and motivation. I have had the opportunity to hear Brandon speak in multiple venues and on various topics and I can honestly say I have never left feeling overcharged or that I had wasted my time, on the contrary I always feel leaving highly entertained and motivated to conquer the business world. Brandon has a refreshing style that com­mands your attention and if you leave one of his sessions without laughing something must be wrong with you. I look forward to many workshops with him for years to come."

Brett Packham

Diplomate ABPD

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