January 30

Creating Simplicity in Your Business with Alex Charfen

Had a great time talking to Co-Founder of Simple Operations, Alex Charfen.

Alex has spent his career growing businesses and helping other business owners create more simplicity in their business.

We talked about three things to do right now to create simplicity in your business and spent time talking about the relationship with a significant other and how important that is to business success.

Let me know how you liked the show and what your biggest takeaway was.

You can connect with Alex in the following places:

Get a free copy of Alex’s book the Entrepreneurial Personality Type: https://freeeptbook.com/

Simple Operations: https://simpleoperations.com/

Connect with Alex on Social Media:

IG: @alexcharfen

X/Twitter: @alexcharfen

Youtube: @alexcharfen

Facebook: facebook.com/alexcharfen1

If you have a comment about the episode or an idea for a future show, you can send that to me here: https://featuredup.com/coachbrandon

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