June 19

Systems For Making Your Day Productive


assessmentWhether you work for yourself or someone else, the one thing that is constant is the fact that you need to produce value on a day-to-day basis to get where you want to be in your career.  We often overlook our daily production due to a lack of systems for making each day as productive as possible.

If you want to learn about productivity/time management systems go here.  Yesterday I talked about setting daily goals.  Today I want to talk about how we assess our day when it's all said and done.

The first thing that must happen for this to work is for you to have your day mapped out before it begins.  I prefer to do it the evening before.  Some do it the morning of.  I prefer the former due to once my day starts, I want to hit it running.

Next, you should have your daily markers put into your day so that you can stay on track for goal achievement.  These daily activities are what we have defined as essential to making your business work.

From there, we can set certain times of the day where we assess how we are doing.  How often you do this is up to you.  However I will say this.  If you wait until the end of the day to see how you did and it was a failure, it's too late to correct most likely.  This is why I prefer to assess a couple of times throughout the day to make sure that I am on track.

This assessment consists of looking at my calendar to make sure I haven't overlooked any items on there.  Looking at goals for that day to see where I am at in relation.  This may sound like too much hassle but once you get in the habit, it only takes a few minutes.  A small price to pay to keep you from calling your spouse and telling them that you are working late again due to a project that you forgot about.

The by-product that is so powerful for assessing your day is in relation to your core values.  For many of us, spending time with our family, on hobbies, church etc.  are important to us.  When we don't keep our day on track, these other activities fall by the wayside leaving behind strained family relationships, broken promises, guilt a nd frustration.  It's hard enough to be a business owner, there is no need to make it more challenging.

Take a look at how your day looks at least 2 times/day with one of those being an end of the day assessment on how you did and any improvements that need to be made for the next day.  Doing this will ensure that you stay on track with your goals and ultimately achieve success.

How have you been at assessing how your day is going while it is happening?  What improvements can be made?  What challenges exist that keep this from happening?

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About the Author

Brandon is the Founder & CEO of New Work Revolution, a noted speaker and strategic thinker. After working in corporate America for 10 years and experiencing the good, bad, and ugly of it, New Work Revolution was created to assist business owners in stepping into their power as a leader so they can build teams and grow their business the RIGHT way.

Brandon Allen

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