Follow Up Process for Conversations

internet-buttonsHaving a game plan or a process in mind for how you will deal with certain conversations that you have is a good way to ensure that you will make the most of that conversation for the long term.  This is a suggestion only for meaningful conversations in the business or career realm.  I don’t think you have to have a process in place for every conversation that you have although I am not saying that you can’t.

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The Easiest Path for You to Serve Others

So what is the easiest path to serving others?  Easy.  The underlying subject of this blog itself.  Discovering and living your Soul Purpose.

For the uninitiated, here’s the definition of Soul Purpose. Soul Purpose is your unique series of talents, strengths, passions, interests, hobbies, attitudes, and values that form the essence of the most magnificent version of you. When these qualities are intentionally acknowledged and cultivated, they combine into a specific mission in service to the world. These qualities already exist within you in a basic raw form.

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The Value Creation Process

I was going to really outline the value creation process today and then I ran accross the article “Value Creation and Business Success” and didn’t see much need to go further.

It seems like this article has been around awhile but I thought I would share it anyway as most of the principles of value creation for your business are timeless.  Before you read the article, get a pen and paper and take notes.  Most of all for those who really enjoy a good process, have fun!  How are you creating value for your employee, clients and investors?