What Do You Stand For?

What does your business stand for? What do you stand for?

When was the last time you asked yourself that question?  That question is relevant for you, your business or any other organization you are involved in.  When I talk about standing for something, I am talking about taking a stand but what I am really talking about is clarity.

Having clarity, particularly as a new business owner, is critical.  Without clarity you lack the ability to properly position the way that you create value for the world and solve problems.  One asset that clarity gives you is the ability to differentiate yourself.

Whether you are a business owner or an employee of a company, you have to be able to differentiate yourself from others.

I work with a lot of service businesses that can easily get lost in the shuffle: Chiropractors, Dentists, Martial Arts Instructors, Fitness Instructors, etc.  For these businesses whether they know it or not, differentiation is all they have.  Lack of differentiation equals missing a key sales tool for their business.

What if you don’t fall into one of the categories above?  You still need to differentiate to stand out.

What’s the best way to stand out?

The first thing that you should do is articulate what you stand for  or what you stand against.  We did this recently with the creation of our manifesto on Total Experience Design.  We created it so that every business that worked with us knew what we stood for.

Take a look at your business.  Are you clear on what you stand for? A better question, is everyone else clear?  If you are a newer business, do you see where articulating this creates a lot of power for you and your business?  You are positioning yourself with a purpose.  You are being you.

This is why out of the box, done for you, solutions don’t get results for people. 

Do you know what you stand for?  How can you find out?  When it comes to clarity, you can’t spend too much time on gaining as much of it as you possibly can.  Add some action to the equation and you have a winning formula for success.

Check out a copy of our Total Experience Design Manifesto.  We welcome any comments on how what we stand for resonates with you.