Looking At Product Creation From A Total Experience Design Standpoint

Creating products to enhance your client experience. When you think of creating a product for your business.  You may be thinking strictly in terms of your sales and marketing and the role they play in pushing that product out to the masses and ultimately how they can potentially increase profit.  However, creating products can create another significant, positive by-product  for your business in the area of your client experience.

From a total experience design standpoint, (if you are not familiar with Total Experience Design or TXD, check out our manifesto on this page.) the creation of new products and services can enhance your overall client experience when it’s done right and for the right reasons.

Product creation for your business enhances your client’s experience in the following ways:

Education:  This is where having low price or free products come in handy.  Having a free audio or education course that gives people the need to know information about your philosophy and how you create value for people is a great trust builder.

A couple of examples of this are my 7 Biz Questions Course that I created for new business owners so that they could have a foundation of the essential questions that they should ask about their business.

The other example is my friend Garrett Gunderson’s book Killing Sacred Cows.  This book was not only a best seller, but he also uses this as an entry point for people who want to do business with him.  The first step is to buy and read the book which is a relatively low cost endeavor.

Options: Creating different levels of products or services gives your customers options.  Someone may not be ready for the biggest and best product that you have.  They may only need your lower level offering due to lack of money or lack of experience.  Giving them the basics of your service is a great way to get them engaged to do bigger things with you later. Software companies do a great job with this.  Some even use a freemium model to get people engaged in their business.

Closed Loops:  For smaller businesses, there is a problem with leaving customers at dead ends.  Basically, we offer them the best that we have and then when they don’t take it, there is nothing else for the customer  to engage in and they are left out to dry.  When you have a handful of products to offer, this becomes less of an issue as you have more than one place to send a customer.

These are the three primary ways that product creation enhances your total client experience.  Think about this,  is there a book that you have been wanting to write that you haven’t?  Is there a teleseminar series you have been wanting to put together but you keep putting it on the backburner?

If you’ve been putting off creating products then get some creation time scheduled and start putting together those products and services that you have been thinking about doing.  Your client experience and your business will benefit tremendously.

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