You look good, you have talent

Come over here and see how good I look!Who doesn’t like to hear words of affirmation?  Unfortunately mine only come while looking in the mirror and talking to myself.  Enough about me and my personal pity party.  What I want to talk to you about is your talent.   Utilizing it to the fullest a la Ron Burgundy here, is the way to look good and stand out.  This is a great by-product of business ownership.  You have the ability to utilize your skills, talents and passions to the utmost and use them to stand out.

A couple of months ago I shared the spiritual side of utilizing your talents by sharing the “Parable of Talents” from the Gospel according to Matthew in the New Testament.  When we use our talents, we aren’t just doing it for us.  We are doing for mankind and for your creator.   That’s a lot of responsibility.  It’s certainly one that we shouldn’t ignore.

When we use our talents in business.  It allows us more freedom and flexibility to run our business in a way that maximizes our abilities and expertise.  We can set the context for how we will interact with clients, how they will be marketed to and what products we will offer.  All of the creation is up to you.  This is much easier in some respects than what we do at a regular job which typically entails trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Are there talents that you have that you don’t share like the story in  Matthew?  Are you unsure what your talents are?  Do you know your talents but aren’t sure how to utilize them?  What holds you back in this area?  I would love to hear your story.

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