November 14

What is Soul Purpose and How is my Life More Powerful as a result.


I just did my last installment of “The Half Hour of Power” show this afternoon.  We explored the topic of what Soul Purpose is.  The definition I used is from a friend Steve D’Annunzio. Steve does a powerful job describing Soul Purpose and why when cultivated, it is so powerful.

I recently have been given the opportunity to more fully express my Soul Purpose and I can say that my life has more clarity and meaning than it did a few weeks ago.

For those of you reading this going forward I wanted to share with you my Soul Purpose mission statement:

“The be the shepherd for mankind to stand fully in their own light and bring Soul Purpose effectively to the marketplace.”

I look forward to serving you with what will be ideas and action items to continue on your Soul Purpose in a more powerful manner.

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  1. You did your last Half Hour Power Hour podcast? Why? Are you on to your own thing now? I’d love to hear more.

    BTW, the blog looks great. Nice clean design. Looking forward to reading it regularly.


  2. First of all, I really respect you for getting your blog started. It’s inspired me to get moving on my own!

    Second, I had never heard your Soul Purpose before now. Thanks for sharing it!

    Finally, I’m looking forward to the action items you’ll be posting in the future.

    (I sound so SJ…I should put a story in here or something ~_^)

  3. Brandon,

    As a participant in the Freedom Fast Track program, I am very familiar with what you are teaching and so passionate about. That being said, I wish to ask you why you are so drawn to Steve’s description of Soul Purpose. More specifically, how do you feel in regards to specific terminology that he uses such as, “God-Self” or the “I AM”? There are reasons why I am asking which I will get to later. But for now, I am curious as to what you think about it.

    Thank you in advance for your response,


  4. Scott,

    Let me say this in advance. The plane that I currently work from is from creating and sustaining a business for people out in the marketplace. I don’t want to come off as a enlightened spiritual master. With that being said, the reason that Soul Purpose resonates with me is that I believe that you have a purpose in this world and you use it to serve a higher power in this life to create value for others. As far as Steve’s specific terminology, I will say that it is Steve’s and not mine and that the best person to ask about that would be Steve. I don’t believe I have used terminology like that on my blog. Working and hanging out with Steve has increased my own spiritual awareness and awareness of my own abilities that is the biggest draw for me. Let me know what your other thoughts are and thanks for the comment.

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