April 23

What If I Don’t Have Purpose or Talent?


The above question is one of the most heartbreaking questions that I hear out of people's mouths when I chat with them about Soul Purpose.  More often than not, people are convinced that there is nothing unique about them.  So do you have purpose or talent?

Read on and let's find out.

When something asks me the question of whether they have a purpose or not, I immediately know that they feel this way for 1 of 2 main reasons.

The first reason is that they just haven't spent enough time on personal reflection to find out specific answers to questions about their ability.   The second is that we also have things happen to us earlier in our lives that create a story about ourselves that we aren't special or that we can't do certain things.

I can personally relate to both of these aspects and I shared as much in my own Soul Purpose story.   Recognizing our talent is tough to overcome because we have told ourselves over and over again that we can't do something and then we manifest that thought with our actions.

The first reason we don't feel like we have talent is easy to overcome if we start with some simple tools that have I written about in the past for identifying your talent.   These tools include books like Unique Ability and Strengths Finder 2.0 as well as online tools like the Myers Briggs Type Personality test and Kolbe Index.  These tools are cheap and give you exercises that can really tell you a lot about yourself that you may not recognize.

Getting past the stories that we create for ourselves about our talent can be a little harder to overcome.  These stories have been created due to our experiences or exist from our own stories that we tell ourselves.  One example of a story that we create comes from what we do well.  What we do well in our lives comes very natural to us.

We all know people that just have a knack for doing something that always leaves us amazed.  It's not so much because of the end product but in the way the end product was able to be produced with seemingly very little  effort.  This can be a blessing and a curse.

When things come easy to us, we automatically assume that it comes easy to everyone.  We assume that our talent should be difficult in order to be useful to anyone else.  If it's not, we discount that ability.

If you are wondering how you can create the most value in the marketplace and you are questioning your own ability, take some time to quietly reflect about you.  I know it may seem a little uncomfortable at first.

Once you create that space of quiet reflection, take the time to do some of the tools I covered above and also take some time to challenge some of the negative stories about yourself that you have created.  In doing this, you will find that many assumptions that you have made about yourself have no actual basis in reality.

What you will also find is that you indeed have purpose and are capable of doing more than you think.

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About the Author

Brandon is the Founder & CEO of New Work Revolution, a noted speaker and strategic thinker. After working in corporate America for 10 years and experiencing the good, bad, and ugly of it, New Work Revolution was created to assist business owners in stepping into their power as a leader so they can build teams and grow their business the RIGHT way.

Brandon Allen

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