Steps to achieving your goals

Some say that setting goals is the easy part.  Going out and achieving them is another story.  I would argue that both are difficult and take a game plan to make it happen.  It’s time to break goal achievement down in steps courtesy of the article: 10 Motivators for Goal Setting:

The first step is writing them down.  I would argue that this isn’t a step to achievement due to the fact that if you haven’t written your thoughts down, I am not sure that they are goals.  They are more like dreams.  Once they are written down it is important to break down your goals into measurable items.

When writing and breaking down your goals, you may be tempted to put all of your achievement at the end of the year.  There are a couple of reasons to avoid this when possible.  The first is that when you set tight deadlines your chances of achievement are much higher because you will be more focused on the task at hand.  The second reason from a motivation standpoint is that you have to keep yourself stimulated throughout the year and several long drawn out goals wont keep you engaged.

Once you have the plan formulated, get it out in the open.  Tell people that you work with and know personally, what your goals are.  These people will not only help and encourage you along the way but also help hold you accountable throughout.  There is nothing more motivating than making a big declaration in front of a group of people.  Pride can be an ally in this case as you may be motivated to not look like a big-talking, failure.

The last point that I really thought was crucial and one that we don’t spend much time thinking about is enjoying our success.  When we do achieve milestones it’s important to take stock of what we did and use that as motivation for future success.

The above is a simple breakdown to help you get the most from your goal setting plan this year.  Take these steps to achieve your goals this year and have more certainty in your life.

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