April 17

Start Your Day On The Fast Track


Start your day on the fast track.We place a lot of value on knowledge and resources when it comes to success.  These things can play an important part to success.  However, you can have all the knowledge and resources in the world but if you don’t put them into play, they are meaningless. It’s easy to place too much importance on that.  Your habits, on the other hand, are the hub for everything else that happens in your business.

You want to start your day on the fast track.  How do you start your day on the fast track?  It starts with having a morning routine for success.  I call this routine a Power Hour.

When it comes to your business, you matter.  Creating the right habits matter.  On an individual level, it’s easy to see personal hang ups and road blocks manifest themselves in your business.

It could be your relationship with a parent where you never felt good enough which then shows up in your business through sabotaging your own success because you don’t feel that you deserve it.

It could be a belief in yourself that you are not a certain kind of person.  You may be telling yourself that you are not a leader or that you aren’t a morning person.

I wasn’t a morning person either.  I even wrote a love story about it.

Most of the negative things that you believe about yourself is a lie. 

You can change these beliefs and habits that you hold you back and the best place to start is at the beginning of your day with a power hour.  A Power Hour consists of spending time in three areas; mind, body and spirit. This takes the essentials of what’s important for success and creates the space for you to spend time in them.

The physical part of your power hour deals with exercise and activity.  The mental part deal with educating yourself, planning and thought.  The spiritual part deals with prayer, gratitude, meditation, reading and any other activity that you deem spiritual in nature.

If you were able to spend some specific alone time each day, what would that look like for your business?  What kind of conditions for success would it create for you?  Take a look at your business habits.  Put together a game plan to get started.  Even 15 minutes a day will make significant changes.  Change the way you interact with yourself and watch the change that happens in your business.

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About the Author

Brandon is the Founder & CEO of New Work Revolution, a noted speaker and strategic thinker. After working in corporate America for 10 years and experiencing the good, bad, and ugly of it, New Work Revolution was created to assist business owners in stepping into their power as a leader so they can build teams and grow their business the RIGHT way.

Brandon Allen

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