June 12

Simple Ways To Identify You Are Doing Too Much In Your Business


Simple ways to identify if you are doing too much in your business.Hopefully by now you know what a Rugged Individualist (from this point on called RI) is and you have taken the necessary steps to cure yourself of this illness.  The biggest hurdle to clear in getting some past their RI disease is that some of you who are infected with this disease don’t even know it.  (Insert gasp here.)

That’s right, you may be sick on not even know it.  Because I care about you, I wanted to break down some easy to understand symptoms of RI so that you can make sure you are OK:

  • You work a high amount of hours and your business is not a start up.   Remember your business was about freedom and calling the shots.
  • Your kids refer to you by your first name vs. mom or dad.  An additional side effect is when your kids sometimes refer to their other mommy or daddy.
  • You feel like you are on the verge of burning out even though you are passionate about the work.
  • You find yourself more in reaction mode than creation mode.
  • You forgot what the word hobby means.
  • You aren’t leveraging the value you that you create on a large scale.  You are still the cog that makes everything in your business run.
  • You feel jaded by the word delegation.

These are just some of the primary symptoms of RI, there may be other symptoms that show up for you.  The first thing to do is get help.   Hire a coach.  Hire a team.  Delegate and engage in your highest value activities.  Your business is meant to be something that you enjoy.  You’re not a pack mule.  You’re a creator.  Start acting like one.

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