Lazy or Have Adult ADD? Shiny object and a recliner over here.

Ok, so I have your attention.  I am sorry for not having the recliner.  My hopes are that the shiny object will do.  If you feel the need to navigate away from this page, please feel free to gaze at the shiny object to keep your attention.  We are going to chat briefly about goals and I promise to be brief.  If you are having problems setting and achieving goals, let’s talk about some things that you can do if you fall into a couple of goal-killing categories.  Laziness or inability to stay focused.

If you feel like you don’t reach goals because you are too lazy.  Examine the root of this issue.  Is it you or is it the types of goals that you have tried to set in the past?  Look at past goals and ask yourself how meaningful they were for you and be honest.  There are many instances where we set goals that just don’t fit with who we are causing us to continue to try and pursue them because we think we should.  Setting goals that you are passionate about will help to overcome lack of motivation.

For the shiny object chasers who have a short attention span.  The idea of goal setting does not have much appeal as we know that we don’t have the concentration for it long term.  For those who fit this category, I would suggest starting out with small, short term goals as a focus.  I would still pick 1-2 overarching themes for the long term but keep your focus on short term easy to complete tasks to get into the habit of goal setting and achievement.

There are your 2 quick points for goal setting.  You may divert from the shiny object now.

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