Easy Accountability Starts Today

priorityWe have goals.  We have a plan.  The trick is executing those in a manner that doesn’t take a lot of thinking so we can just go out and make things happen.  As business owners, we can make things easy on ourselves by making our action items short, sweet and manageable.  This means setting daily markers for ourselves so that we can manage our goals on a day-to-day basis.

Most of us, if we have them written out, don’t manage goals and important items frequently enough.  When we finally do look at them, it’s a huge ordeal because we waited a few months and now we don’t know where to start.  Daily focus on your goals starts when your goals are set.  At that time, we sit down and map out the year down to the day on what needs to happen for our goals to become a reality.

A daily practice of achievement is a great accountability tool that keeps us energized and focused on what we want to accomplish. It get’s us in the winning habit which I will talk more about next week.

All of this assumes that you have your goals down.  If you don’t, stop what you are doing and get them done now.  Then look at your goals and ask yourself what practices are going to be essential on a daily basis in order for me to achieve this plan.  For an entrepreneur, I would put selling your product on that list of daily “musts” as an example.  Once you have those items established decide what time of the day they will be worked on and start developing markers for what success looks like on a daily basis.  If you are not sure what daily success should look like, use your best guess and then adjust as you get going.

Daily planning and achievement a re a key driver for your success plan in life and in business.  Identify these daily success tools and start working on them today.

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