Does the C-word Make You Uncomfortable?

Wedding ringsSome say that men typically have this problem….

Some say that it’s a problem in society in general…

It has to do with our problem with the word commitment.

When it comes to our day, most us commit to one simple action item…trying.  We can’t tell you that we will achieve a result, we can only tell you that we will try.  Effort and try are noble words that when practiced carelessly, lead to failure.Daily success and achievement starts with a commitment to achieving our daily game plan consistently.  Too often we go about our day with either no game plan or no real commitment to doing what we say we need to.

When it comes to commitment and accountability, we are talking about behavioral issues.   Our Soul Purpose deals with inherent gifts, talents, proclivities etc.  Traits that are inherent.  Behavioral issues are learned and practiced.  It’s the reason why some our kids know how to behave at a restaurant and some don’t.  It’s why we all have a friend (or maybe it’s us) that have unlimited potential but can’t seem to put into practice.

Have we made our ability to commit and hold ourselves accountable seem like they are inherent as well?  Do we think that some of us have the ability to behave this way and some just don’t?  The reality is that commitment and how good we are at holding ourselves accountable takes practice.  It’s learned by how often we compromise success or how often we refuse to fail.

How guilty are you at letting a day go where you know you didn’t win but went home anyway? How often do we shrug our shoulders when we do it?  How has this affected your confidence going forward?

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