Daily Morning Tips for Motivation

sunriseOne of the systems that I use to stay productive is called a “power hour”.  This is a daily morning routine that I use to focus on my mind, body and spirit.  If you are looking to stay motivated on a daily basis, here are a few tips that you can utilize to make you “power hour” productive.

Tip #1  Implement the power hour concept into your life and stay focused on it on a daily basis.  Stephen Covey talks about this being his “sharpen the saw” time.

Tip #2 Use your morning routine to work on your business.  This is a great time to do the important things for your business that you put off during the day because other things distract you.  These are items such as: defining your mission, vision and values, putting together your business and marketing plan and creating systems and processes for your business.

Tip #3 Give gratitude.  It’s easy during our lives to focus on what we don’t want to have happen or what we hate in our lives.  Too often, we neglect to recognize what we are truly grateful for.  Giving gratitude allows us to maintain a positive mind state and focus on what’s currently great and what will be great and keeps the negative thoughts from running our lives.

Tip #4 Use the your daily morning routine to set up your day.  This is a great time to ask yourself what you want to accomplish and then go out and plan your day around that one important goal.  How successful do you think you would be if you just did that one thing alone.

Tip #5 Nothing motivates me more than learning something new that I can use to make my business successful.  This can be reading someone else’s blog or reading a book.  Where ever you can find the resource just make sure you spend some time educating yourself on a daily basis.

These are a few of my daily morning tips for staying motivated. It’s not easy to make habit changes in our lives but if we can muster some discipline and make some changes you will see positive results in your business, career and life.

What tips work for you?

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