October 26

A Life Coach Builds Your Strongest Asset—You


DecisionsNo matter where you are on your journey to success, there is always the desire to attain more, have something different or achieve a deeper feeling to the meaning of your life. It is the nature of people to want to attain more or become more. Because of this, you will experience “growth opportunities” and what you choose to do with them can have a significant impact on your quality of life and overall sense of success and well-being.

A common belief is that these growth opportunities must be met with hard work and a self-reliant attitude. You must struggle, sacrifice and generally pay a price for the happiness you seek. You must instinctively have all the answers you will ever need and that looking beyond yourself for support is a weakness. These “limiting beliefs” are a trap that keep you working harder than you need to and often take you further away from your real intentions.

However, what if there was another paradigm you could consider? One that allowed you to benefit from an age-old secret that key performers, professional athletes, successful executives and joyful prospering individuals are practicing.  These individuals have learned the value of seeking support from someone trained to accelerate success—a  Life Coach.

How does working with a Life Coach actually benefit you more than doing it on your own?

A life coach – one trained and certified, is able to ask questions in such a way that you will be guided through a unique process of identifying your interests, concerns and limiting barriers. This will help you achieve your goals with more clarity and greater results than you could attain on your own. A coach can challenge you to really identify what is important to you and what you want your journey toward success to look like.

The coaching relationship is a partnership unlike you will ever experience. The coach comes from a place of honoring your agenda, not theirs.  By providing a safe environment, free of judgment, you are able to explore, get in touch and work from your higher place of self-awareness which allows you to tap into your core driving energy. This is key, because this is where your personal truth and power to change your life comes from. I refer to this as your “Power Zone” and teach my clients the Six Power Zone Principles™ necessary to lead their life from this viewpoint.

Working with a coach will expand your viewpoint – what you believe you can attain, do, be or become. Not only will it create a different expectation for you, it will challenge you to take risks to grow, change your thinking or behaviors and provide support to do so. Working with you to design a plan, your coach will facilitate you as you begin to implement measurable action steps, have support to be accountable and motivation to keep focused to produce your desired results. As an added benefit, the results will come more quickly and usually produce dramatic ones in your life. Not only is coaching a different and exciting approach, it is powerful and life changing.

Who wouldn’t want to improve their capacity to obtain more, solve problems faster or enhance their ability to stay focused and follow through? Think about it, we are not afraid to seek expert advice or support outside of ourselves for issues such as home repairs, getting our computer fixed or learning a new job skill. So why is it that we have a tendency to resist allowing support for our most important asset –you?

I challenge you to check in with yourself and see if you have any limiting beliefs present which hold you back from tapping into a powerful resource – life coaching. A coach can be a powerful partner in living the life you know you can accomplish, personally and professionally.

René Johnson, is the author of “Leaving Your Comfort Zone: How to Lead Your Life From the Power Zone!” and is know as the Power Zone Coach. René supports professionals who are ready to take bold steps, show up as their powerful self and play bigger in their life! You can check out her blog at www.powerzonecoach.com.

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