Where Do Big Results Come From?

Success is a tricky.  You see someone who is achieving at a high level and you wonder what big thing happened to that person to get them where they are at.  Is the quickest path to big results, big actions?  Where do big results come from?

I used to assume that the way you get big results in your life is to do big, crazy things.

What I realized after six years of coaching is that the people who have the most success are the ones who are willing to get little things right day after day.

Some of that is fundamentals.  Some of it is self awareness of what is good and what is not good in your business.  All of it is committment.

I hope it’s freeing to you to hear that you don’t need to take a quantum leap to get a quantum result in your business or your life.

What’s something small and meaningful that you can do today?

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