If You Do The Work, You Get The Result

You have to do the work.

I talked to a person recently that I “coached” a couple of years ago. During our coversation he complained about the results in his life and whose fault it was that this was happening to him.

You know who never came up in the conversation? Himself. Not once did he take any responsibility for why his results were the way they were.

Why bring this up?

Because when it comes to succeeding in your business, no one can do it for.

If you expect someone else to care more about your business than you do, you’re screwed.

There is no magic pill and no magic formula for getting results in any area of your life. Business included.

Find your purpose. Create the game plan. Work every day on executing the game plan. Every day. Screw up sometimes. Get yourself back on track and try again. Tried and true.

Are you committed to your reasons or your results?

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