Ep 205- The Process for Daily Winning

winning with goals in the new yearTis the season for goal setting in your business.  It’s easy to set goals, get the team rallied behind them and have the best intentions for the new year.  It’s also easy to let the emergencies of the day disrupt the flow of goal work and, before you know it, you lose track of the big picture goals altogether.

There is a way to stay engaged and hit your big picture goals for the year.  This week’s podcast discusses the steps to ensuring that this year is your best year for execution of goals.

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2 thoughts on “Ep 205- The Process for Daily Winning”

  1. Brandon,

    I must say after listening to Ep 205- The Process for Daily Winning, I felt a renewed sense of purpose. However, I always do when listening to your uncensored, in your face, wisdom cleansing approach! The timing for this episode could not be better. For some reason, the words echoed experiential certainty. I will immediately share this my management team. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to experience Brandon Allen’s soulful purpose once again!


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