May 9

Ep 239- Bringing Your Darkness Into the Light

When you have two people that you broke bread with as a college aged man take their lives in the span of a month (I talked about this a bit in episode 237 on gratitude and grace), it causes you to start to reflecting on your own life and your own struggles.  For years, I held onto darkness that was at times unbearable and I bore the weight of that darkness, largely, by myself.

Great leadership can't authentically occur when darkness is present.

Your purpose can't be expressed to the fullest with darkness.

Darkness can make scarcity and scarcity thinking look like abundance and that you are operating in the producer paradigm.

As promised, here's angry ass high school Brandon.

Relationships can't flourish and grow amidst darkness.

If you need help, as many of us do, don't hold onto that burden by yourself.

You can run to other things to try and satisfy you (drugs, alcohol, porn, success, etc.) but these things will never truly hit the mark.  In fact, most of them, when left unchecked will be your undoing in life.

Check out this week's episode and let me know your thoughts.  Where have you seen this show up in your life?

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Brandon is the Founder & CEO of New Work Revolution, a noted speaker and strategic thinker. After working in corporate America for 10 years and experiencing the good, bad, and ugly of it, New Work Revolution was created to assist business owners in stepping into their power as a leader so they can build teams and grow their business the RIGHT way.

Brandon Allen

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  1. WOW! Very powerful. YES! We need to talk openly about our internal challenges because someone out their has the resources and experience to help us. Darkness is part of nature. Their will always be both sides. The way to handle it is by knowledge and asking for help. I was in a dark place too when I was young. I had to heal from a man that did something bad to me at age 13. My mind dug it deep until age 27 when I started my career. Everything came up and dragged me so deep into darkness that I could not understand what was going on. Luckily, I had friends, professional people, and knowledge to get me through it. I had to also get reed of the catholic dogma that taught me shame, guilt, and Hell. It took 5 years. I lost jobs. I had to get help from family feeling so worthless because I could not understand or tell anyone why I felt depressed, fatigue, and confused. I was able to forgive myself and GOD. I found out that I was following a Man god concept that was not real. I had to understand that GOD or universe was a loving God always. I started to follow all the powerful personal growth teachers. I had to read books to understand how to love myself again. I felt that something was holding me down and I had to face it and cut the cord to free myself. The emotions were great. I researched alternative healing including positive mental attitude concepts. I felt that this is the truth to life and purpose. Plus, I learned that we have the power to do what we want and when we want by just changing how we think and feel. Lately, I found out that our emotional and mental feelings is connected to the food we eat and the environment we put ourselves in. I had to study many areas of health like thyroid, autoimmune diseases, diet, and much more to begin to restart my life. I have gathered enough knowledge to help others. I feel strongly that this is my purpose which is to help others repair their life and secure it to a solid foundation. I am praying daily to find a way to do that through coaching and other. So, In closing. Never feel bad that you had to talk about your darkness. Everyone has it. Everyone is in pain. Someone has to take the next step tell others to open up. This heals you and others. I can see that the whole world and mother earth is going through this. Some examples are: Many women are coming out with their experiences. Plus, Men are coming forward to tell their pain and more. Thanks again for bringing the LIGHT of Truth out. Peace to you. James


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