How a Mentor helps you Win

winning1You know where to find a mentor, why we fail to use mentors and how to set up a mentor relationship.  The next question is why use a mentor?  What exactly is the benefit to me?

When you own your business everything is on you.  When you make a mistake that costs money, it comes out of your pocket.  This is hard for new business owners to grasp initially when they have come from corporate America jobs where you are playing with house money.  In the short term you would rather not have this concept learned by making an error in judgement that you pay dearly for. 

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Increase the possibilities for your Team

As entrepreneurs/leaders, we sometimes fall victim to the curse of knowledge when we are running our teams.  The curse of knowledge being that we understand what’s in our heads and expect everyone to know what we are thinking and what we need.  Communication of specific goals is so critical to our team’s and businesses’ success.   Effective communication is an easy way for to increase the possibilities that exist.

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Tales of the rugged individualist

The definition of rugged individualism as defined by rugged individualism- noun- individualism in social and economic affairs; belief not only in personal liberty and self-reliance but also in free competition.   I have heard that this person still exists out there and have run across him/her several times in the past few years.  Is this how you run your business?

The problem with going it on your own is that we don’t know everything there is to know about setting it up and running it on our own.  Because of this we are intimidated by the process. Small Business owners move forward every day and try and complete campaigns for web development, online marketing, PPC, all on our own.  We tend to work harder and longer on a project as a result.  What are some of the reasons that small business owners behave this way?

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Business done easy? Be careful what you ask for.

One thing that I hear when I spend time with new entrepreneurs is a desire to have their business plans, processes and structure done with little work on their part.  There is one big reason for this that I will explain.  Before I get into that, I will say that you are setting yourself up for disaster by letting someone do work for you without any involvement from you the business owner.

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