Launch a New Product and Build Great Relationships At the Same Time

relationships1When you are looking at launching a new product or service, one of the easiest ways to get good, quality feedback is to ask you current client base or list what they think of it.  Assessing what you current clients think is often overlooked but is a great way to not only test your product but to also continue building relationships with your clients.

The first place to start is with your best customers.  These are the 20% of your customer base that generate 80% of your companies’ revenue.  These people will let you know in a hurry what they think and will be enthusiastic to be part of the process.  To thank your clients for their input, give them access to something they wouldn’t normally have or some other kind of valuable giveaway.

If your company is brand new, hopefully you have spent some time building a list to market to people who have opted into hearing about your product and services.  This will be a great tool for establishing great relationships with your customers as well as establish who your best customers are.

Asking your current client base about new products is a great way to save money on a product idea and also connect with your clients on a different level as well.  What has been your experience with new product launches?  How have you been able to engage clients in the process?

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