August 16

The Simplest Way To Market Your Business


The simplest way to market your business is through education.SEO.  PPC.  Websites.  Analytics.  Hundreds of social media platforms.  Should I use Groupon?  How do I create a fan page?  Who can I joint venture with?  When it comes to marketing, there are a ton of tactics that you can use to market your business.   You may feel a little overwhelmed just looking at all that you could do.  So where should you start?  That really is a million dollar question. There is one simple way that most business owners should start marketing their business that most are ignoring.

The simple tactic you should use to market your  business?  Education.  Specifically, using the knowledge that you have in your area of expertise and sharing that with the people that are going to be interested in that knowledge.

What could be simpler than sharing knowledge that you are already an expert in?  Every marketing tactic that you will attempt in your business has some sort of a learning curve associated with it.  Educating has the shortest of learning curves.

Educating your clients is easier than ever with blog sites, youtube, podcasting, social media, etc.  You have several platforms to deliver your message.  It’s just a matter of choosing the platform that works best.

What holds you back?

Is it time?  Educating your customers is too important to not do it.  Successful people have time for what’s important.  Are you worried that it’s not relevant?  The research from Harvard Business Review shows that customers are engaged in conversation about your product/service whether you are part of the conversation or not.  Maybe your apprehensive because you are worried that your content won’t be good or you don’t know where to start?

Here are some specific things for you to do to help you get started.

  1.  Think about the most commonly misunderstood areas about your product and service.  You know what those are.  You probably already have a list of about 5-10 areas in your head.  Use those question to get you started on topics.
  2. If you are worried that your content isn’t going to be good, do it anyway.  Initially, your content will most likely suck.  The process for improving that is called practice and unless you are Allen Iverson, then practice is a good thing.

You have the ability to market your business easier than ever.  Utilizing the knowledge that already have about your product/service is simple and with a little practice will be an effective way to pull customers to your business.  Start educating your customers and let them know that you care about them.

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