June 7

Interview with Robbie Samuels


It’s easy to feel like the only way you can make a big impact as an entrepreneur is to have a big audience.

Today’s show with Robbie Samuels shows you why you don’t need a big list to launch something great and how to take your first step in this process.

Regardless of how much of a reach you currently have, here are a few things you will take away from the show today.

  1. How to get started with promoting a new product or service and what entrepreneurs miss that end up costing them a lot of money.
  2. The best way to cultivate connections and really listen to the people that you are connected to.
  3. Overcoming the time issue with connections.

There was a lot of ground we covered in a short time so check out the episode as well as the links below including a giveaway that Robbie has for you.

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How to connect with Robbie on social media:



www.facebook.com/robbiesamuelspage  (my business page)

Other great Links…

http://www.robbiesamuels.com/brandon Get free access to tools and support through this link that will help you get started with the conversation that we had on today’s interview.

www.OntheSchmooze.com – guests share untold stories about leadership and networking in this weekly podcast (over 250 episodes!)

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