March 1

Ep 211- How Finding Your Diamond In a Haystack Helps You Grow Your Business


I met Eric Hinson and another member of his team, Donovan, at workshop that I presented in Atlanta. I loved their approach to storytelling through video.  I was so impressed with it that I hired them to help me tell my brand story for New Work Revolution.

I asked Eric to come on the New Work Revolution podcast for two reasons.

#1. Most small businesses that I work with struggle telling their story.  You are too close to your story to tell it powerfully.

#2. They have a book coming out that will distill a lot of their storytelling secrets for you to use in your own storytelling journey.  Get access to the first two chapters here. 

In our interview you learn about the Diamond in a Haystack process that Eric's team uses to uncover the hidden gems of your story.  You will learn how to use your story to market your business, particularly through the use of video.

Eric's Story:

Eric began his career at a digital innovation agency where he produced hundreds of videos for a number of global brands. But, he just wasn’t satisfied with the way agencies were doing video marketing and brand storytelling. Later, he found out that B2B companies weren’t so good at it either. In 2012, he launched Explainify, a firm specializing in custom videos that help clients capture attention, motivate action, and drive more sales. Since founding the company, Eric has had the opportunity to assist in the creation of award-winning videos for hundreds of great companies, from early stage startups to Fortune 100s like Pfizer, GE and Tyson Foods.

Check out Eric's most recent article in Entrepreneur.

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