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When you start a business, you know your craft and everything else is an afterthought. This is a weekly show that provides quick, insightful, leadership and strategic planning advise for your small business.


Ep 257- The Key Ingredient to Success

Follow the success of high achievers and you see that they are committed to the things that they are working on and trying to accomplish. 100% committed. When it comes to success, this week's podcast addresses three things that business owners engage in that are good...

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Ep 256- Positioning Your Leadership

As your business grows, it's easy to lose sight of intention in certain areas of your business.  Leadership is one of those areas. Just because you started a business, doesn't mean that your role as a leader is completely understood by your team. In the same token,...

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Ep 254- Clear Thinking, Winning Action

Most people go through their lives without a clear intention and purpose for the things they do and the decisions they make.  Maybe you can relate.  Maybe you make decisions based upon limiting beliefs of the past.  Maybe you make decisions based upon what your mom or...

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Ep 253- New Year, New You?

You and I both know that the magical turning of a calendar year does not unlock some hidden super power that didn't exist for you before.  A new year can be a time for hope and optimism and a time to create space to assess where you are at and where you want to go. ...

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Ep 252- Finding the Power in Your Morning Routine

It's been little bit since I have talked about the morning routine that we call a power hour. My friend Mike was asking some questions about my morning routine and rather than answer him directly with a message, like a normal person, I decided to record a podcast...

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Ep 251- How to Create Great Quarterly Goals

Having a well organized and empowered team is your path to growth and freedom.  Growth and freedom are two outcomes that I strive to achieve with every leader that I work with.  Goal setting helps to achieve growth and freedom by orchestrating the work that needs to...

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Ep 250- The #1 Rule for Influence

Creating influence with your team is simpler than you think.  There is a lot of information out there on how to lead and manage better.  Your primary key to influence already exists and is easy to do. The problem is it's also easy not to do. At the heart of Total...

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Ep 249- How to Do Growth Well

Doing growth well is about creating that beautiful tension between exposing weakness and then using your purpose to work through that weakness in a powerful, creative way. Growth is one of those areas that you either learn to embrace or you learn to avoid.  To keep...

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Ep 248- Bringing Your Passion to Life (interview)

I have had the priviledge of knowing Charles Van Kessler for almost a year now.  He has attended some workshops that I have done in the past and always been a gracious participant and a true value creator.  Charles has a story that I felt the world needs to hear...

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