Should You Get More Done?

cloning-yourselfMany self help “gurus” who talk about time management and productivity talk about how to get more done in your day.  I think that getting more done can be a good thing but I think the concept of thinking that you need to do “more” can be a little misleading.  Before you go out and get more done, you should get a clearer picture on how you currently spend your day and what activities that you are currently doing to get an idea of what you are spending your time on.

By taking inventory of your activities and what you are currently doing, you will be able to identify where you are wasting time on activities that don’t align with goal achievement.  Before we get further into this discussion I will say that you must have goals written down or some sort of road map on where you want to go for this to even make sense.  By taking inventory and sorting through activities you may realize that you have a lot of time wasters that can be filled with more productive work.

Ultimately, better and more efficient  productivity is going to be key for you to not only get your goals accomplished but to not feel overwhelmed with the notion that you have to do more.  It’s the whole notion of working smarter not harder. You get more important tasks accomplished but in the same amount of time.

Should you get more done?  It depends on your definition of more.  I would say do more in the normal time that you allot yourself to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.  Make sure that you have a solid  road map for your goals and make sure that your daily activity is structured around that.

How have you been able to work more efficiently?  What time wasters get in your way when you are working?  How can we make our days less complicated?

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