The One Thing You Don’t Know About Yourself That Others Already Do

skillsThe underlying theme of this blog is based on the powerful concept of Soul Purpose.  When it comes to understanding our strengths , it seems to be one area that we really suck at figuring out, until it’s too late.  Knowing our strengths is the one thing that everyone else already has figured out about us long before we ever do.

Maybe this just happened to me but I have a feeling that it has happened to most of us at some point.  I also still hear a disturbingly high number of people who suggest to me that they don’t have any kind of special and unique talent.

The reason why I think that so few people recognize their abilities is because we haven’t designed a system for this discovery.  The system that is currently used is called school.  But school falls short due to the fact that there is no outside analysis on a student’s gifts.  It’s up to the student to figure out his/her passions and strengths.

The problem with leaving this up to the individual to discover is that our gifts and abilities come so easy and natural to us that we fail to identify them as special because we think anyone can do what we do.  Therefore we think there must be some other type of complex gift that we possess that have not yet discovered.

The reason I bring this up is that knowledge of self is a vital component to starting and running a successful business operation.  Too many business owner don’t understand themselves well enough and trap themselves in an operation that is better suited to someone else.

Understanding your gifts and abilities as an individual allows you to create your operation with your specific skills in mind.  This is the first step to long term business success.

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