Spend Time With Your Family and Run A Business- Productivity Tip

Business ownership often gets treated as a series of trade offs.  If you run a successful business, you have to sacrifice your life at home.  When you business is doing well then you couldn’t possibly leave early to catch your son or daughter’s soccer game.  You can spend time with your family and run a successful business.

This week’s New Work Revolution podcast is about a common theme on this blog, intention.  When you are intentional, good things can happen.  Your schedule is one of those things that won’t turn out well on accident.

Take a listen to this week’s podcast and ask yourself, “Do I want a life by default or by design?” and “Why do you have a business in the first place?”  Write down all of your answers in a journal.

Happy creating and for inspiration’s sake for other listeners.  Let me know your best tips for running your schedule each week.

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