Personal Time vs. Work Time: Just Be Productive With Both

leisure-timeWhen choosing a producitvity management system to get things done, don’t just think about what you can accomplish at work.  It’s a good idea to also think about what you can accomplish at home as well.  It seems that, generally speaking, we place a certain value over getting things done at work but we are cool to wing it when we leave.  When you think about it, you probably value what you do outside of work even more than what you do at work.  My suggestion is to just be productive in both arenas.

The first question to ask, when using a time management/productivity system, is can this system be utilized at home and at work.  Ideally you want to be able to use it for both.  Being productive outside of work has different parameters than when you are at work but is no less important.  The important thing is to make sure that your system works both at home and at work. If you are worried about what’s going on at home while you are at work, your productivity is going to suffer and vice versa.

Think about how you can be more productive both at home and at work.  What would that look like for you?  How have tasks that you have avoided in your personal life affected your work life and vice versa?  What works for you?

PS-  It’s podcast time.  Click here to listen on how to pick a productivity system that is right for you.  Enjoy.

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