Is Your Schedule Fast and Loose?

Creating a tight schedule for the yearIt’s about that time of year where you start reflecting on business habits and what you can to make next year great.  One of the tools that we have at our disposal is our calendar.  This tool has been around for a long time yet it is still an underutilized resource.

When it comes to handling projects and activities, I am no different from you.  If you don’t create a plan for handling activities, your results are sporadic at best.

Beyond creating time and space, it’s important to create habits for when things get done in the form of consistent rhythms.  When we create rhythms, we create consistency and much needed habits that allow us to get consistent results.  When we fly from the hip and play it fast and loose, we get inconsistent, volatile and often mediocre results.

For the coming year, take out your calendar and put your important activities in there right up front and watch what happens.

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Have a great week.

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