April 19

Creating The Right Habits In Your Business


Create the right habits for your business
Get your business game face on.

You matter a lot to your business.  You are the primary driver of the culture and what happens in the business.  When I work with a business owner, the first place I start is habits.  I want to see how you interact with your business.

There are some specific are that we cover when it comes to habits.  The first place to start is with beliefs.  If you have limiting beliefs that negatively affect your productivity then all the tools in the world won’t help you.  What are those things you tell yourself that hold you back?

How you start your day is also important.  Getting your day started on the fast track is important.  The right start creates the conditions that you need for success.

A couple other habits that are important are your management habits which consists of how you manage your system and what kind of time you spend working on your business.

The last habit deals with finances.  Understanding them isn’t second nature but once you know how to look at your financial statements, you can use them as a growth tool for your business.

These are the specific habits that I talk about in this week’s podcast.  Check out the podcast below and make sure you subscribe in iTunes, to get the latest episodes.  Let me know how you create great habits for your business and any other habits that you think are important that I didn’t discuss.



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