A Chiropractor’s Greatest Currency Is Time

Making medical billing easier for chiropractorsI want to apologize to all of my other business owner listeners and readers this week.  This week’s podcast is for all of my chiropractor friends.

This week I have a special guest, John Davila.  I met John a few months ago at an event that we had.  That introduction turned into the opportunity to sit down and talk with him about his service.

After I saw his presentation, I got really excited for every chiropractor that I work with who has complained about the medical filing and billing system in their practice.

Plain and simple, John helps chiropractors save time and money and makes the one thing that doctors hate more than anything, paperwork, easy to manage for their practice.

If you are tired of being audited by insurance companies and medicare…

If you are tired of taking work home and interrupting your family time…

If you want to ensure that you get paid for the work that you do….

Do you want to work more in your Soul Purpose and less in areas that drain your energy?

Listen to this week’s podcast.  It’s huge.

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