Why Do You Track Numbers In Your Business?

Tracking stats in your businessWhy do you track the numbers that you track in your business?  What purpose does it serve?  Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Is you goal to have information about your business?  Will that information then either make you happy or perhaps sad?

What if you were able to use the numbers that you tracked to really create transformation in your business?

If you aren’t tracking your numbers in order to change behavior in your office then you might as well not track numbers at all.

By not tracking your numbers you are missing some valuable information about your business.

Peter Drucker said “Whats gets measured, gets managed.” What gets managed gets done.

A business is a great vehicle for expressing what you do best to create value for the world.  Don’t cheat the world of your value by not paying attention to your business.

This week’s podcast is another group call where you will learn why tracking numbers is important and some simple tips to create transformation in your business as a result.


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