A Few Things To Communicate To Your Team Today

Communicate with your teamYour employees aren’t mind readers.  Magicians.  Psychics.  You already know this but that probably doesn’t stop you from treating them like one.   Communication is one of those areas in your business where it’s easy to expect miracles.

If you want something done in your business that matters then communicate that desire to the people who can do something about it.  Your employees.

It’s not to say that you don’t communicate.  You tell them when the bathroom’s messy.  When something needs to be e-mailed.  You talk to them about not using Facebook during work.

When it come to something real and that matters in your business?  Bring out the crickets.

Going to your business today? Make it a point to communicate things that matter to your team and will inspire them to do their best work.

Here are a few idea to start with:

Tell them they are doing a great job.

Talk with them about fixing a problem.

Delegate a meaningful project.

Communicate your vision.

Share your businesses objectives.

Ask your team about their goals, hopes and fears.

Let them in on your own goals hopes and fears.

Get buy in.

Get together with your team on a regular, scheduled basis.

Coach them to their next level.

Tell them how they are doing.


Have fun.

Great communication does all these things and more.  Companies that grow and that make a huge difference are companies that communicate. Leaders communicate.

Is this your company?  How could you communicate better?



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