The One Person Most Likely Sabotaging Your Business’ Culture

Business owners are the catalyst that drive the culture of a businessI just wrapped up a high level workshop with a group of great business owners that covered setting the right strategy for your business as well as coaching your employees for high level performance.  One of the questions that I get a lot in any workshop that I do, and this last one was no different, centers around business owners’ concern with how employees handle their work.

Most of these concerns center around where employees lack in the areas of productivity, goal setting and overall organization.  The question is always, “How do I make these employees better?”

For some business owners they may be talking about the single employee that stands out for their poor performance.  Today, I am not talking about that business owner and that employee issue.  I am talking to the business owner who has several employees that are underperforming and that has seemingly created a culture of mediocrity in their business.

The key word here is culture.  As a business owners you are the central point to the culture in your organization.  Not your employees or your customers.  You.

With that being said.  If you are concerned about how your employees are being then ask yourself how you are being.

I love working with small business owners. Sky’s the limit for them.  They have a great mindset and they are willing to take risks.  However, I have also run across a ton of business owners who consistently fly by the seat of their pants, don’t keep a tight schedule, can’t follow through on projects and are disorganized.

These attributes are cute, until your business grows.

Think about this.  If you are disorganized, lack specific objectives in your business and are all over the place with your focus, why would your employees be any different?

You are the standard of your businesses culture.  You set the tone.  It’s a lot of responsibility but fortunately, as a business owner, you have never met a challenge you couldn’t handle.

What should you do now?

The main thing to do now is to tighten up your game.  Start setting objectives for your organization, get your time management on point and get focused.

When you do that, then you can expect your employees to follow suit and get with the program.

If you are interested in making significant positive change in your organization, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what you can do to lead that change.  Don’t worry, you’re a business owner.  You can do anything and I mean that.

PS….Are you concerned about the habits that you have as a business owner and want to create a productive culture in your business?  Join me and 30 other awesome business owners as we work on creating productive habits that create a winning business.  Join us in Salt Lake on February 1-4 for the workshop.


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