The Dos and Donts Of Building Confidence As A Leader

If you want your team to assist you and your business at the highest level possible, one of the things you must do is create an environment where confidence is consistently built.   When you team is confident, they work in a completely different way than a team that lacks confidence.  Today I wanted to share some dos and don’ts of building confidence as a leader.


Confront your team in a healthy way.

Give your team important projects to show that you trust them.

Review your team’s progress and give specific feedback.

Make your team’s failures sound atypical. 

Communicate the vision

Ask about your team’s goals.



Enable your team.  


Let negative people linger in your business. 


Try to do everything yourself.

Self confidence doesn’t have a lottery. Confidence doesn’t happen by accident.  As a leader, you have the ability to shape and mold your team’s confidence, good or bad. The world needs strong leadership.  Are you going to be that leader?

What would you add to the do or don’t list?



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