Ep 204- What if People Are Doing Their Best?

What if people are doing their bestHave you ever been frustrated by people?  Kidding.  We all have.  When it comes to employees, there are plenty of things that happen in a work week that can get your blood racing. What if you looked at employee failure differently?  What if you looked at them as doing their best?

What if your employees did care?  Were trying their hardest? Wanted to do great and have hopes and dreams that they want to achieve?

This week’s podcast was inspired by a conversation my wife and I had recently around the book, Rising Strong by Brene Brown. Check out the podcast and subscribe in iTunes for regular updates.

4 thoughts on “Ep 204- What if People Are Doing Their Best?”

  1. Excellent! I’m guilty of this and it was so helpful to hear this. This is probably the number one thing holding me back from being the most effective leader I could be. I will be much more mindful about how I see others before jumping to a judgement about them. Thanks Brandon.

  2. You really hit home with this one. Why is it we always go tot a getting place and judge others. You are so true! I see this when I am talking to people and I think badly so often. This is life changing!

    Thank you


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