7 Questions To Take Your Leadership To The Next Level

take your leadership to the next level

“Find something only you can say” ~James Dickey

Change is always going to be a necessary component of business growth.  To most people, change is frightening.  We are creatures of habit and are prone to resisting change even when that change is good for us.
Lasting change requires strong, visionary leadership.  Great leaders in business paint the picture of where the business is headed and why it’s headed there.

It makes sense that even if you don’t want to be as big as Walmart, you still want to move your business forward at some level.  This requires high level leadership.
I put together a few questions for all my leaders out there to assess their leadership skills and give them the space to assess what adjustments need to be made.
Take a few minutes and ask the following questions:
  1. What makes a leader, a leader?
  2. What does a leader do that other don’t?
  3. How well do you hold the team accountable for results?
  4. When it comes to your leadership, when are you at your best?
  5. How well do you measure success?
  6. How can you be more of a leader who drives change in your business?
  7. What are some specific ways that you can be a better communicator as a leader?


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