6 Keys For Effective Delegation

This week’s podcast is from a group call that I recently did with some of my clients on delegating effectively.

Delegation is a topic that comes up again and again.  The call covers:

  • What delegation is
  • Why it’s important
  • Identifying if you suffer from RI (rugged individualism)
  • 6 keys for effective delegation
  • Identifying your next step

Check out the call.  If you aren’t subscribed to the podcast yet, you can do so in iTunes here.


4 thoughts on “6 Keys For Effective Delegation”

  1. Distinction between Delegation and Relegation seems core to it all…that we need to take time to figure and delegate meaningful work then ensure our delegatee determines method and (where practical) timing so they ‘own’ the work/result is simple sage advice too.

    Purpose/Mastery/Autonomy over Money resonated strongly too.


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