Ep 245- Creating Your Formula for Success

success formulaYour formula for success is unique to you.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.  When it comes to success, it’s easy to listen to someone or try and emulate someone else. Someone else’s success came from that person being uniquely who they are, creating your own formula for success will consist of who you are.

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. ~ Albert Einstein (credited to Einstein although there is insufficient evidence that he actual said it)

This week’s podcast goes over what gets in your way from developing your own success formula and four areas to focus on to create your own formula as well as a sidebar to my last point.  I also said I would share this Matthew McConaughey clip of the Oscar speech that I reference in this week’s podcast.

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Ep 244- Embracing and Pursuing Freedom

freedom as a business ownerOne of the benefits of owning a business is freedom.  Freedom to work in the way that you feel best serves your purpose. It’s a shame when that opportunity for freedom turns into bondage.

Bondage to a schedule.

Bondage to people.

Bondage to systems.

Bondage to your limiting beliefs.

What would it look like to create an experience for yourself?  We spend a lot of time at New Work Revolution talking about creating experiences for customers and team members and then the business owner gets lost in the shuffle.

If you aren’t intentional, it’s easy to create a life that serves money vs. having money that serves your life.

There are five tracks of wealth and business is only one of those tracks.

This week’s podcast is about how to create the freedom you want through structure and why that is so vital to business owners.

Ep 243- Walking Through Your Day With Intention and Integrity

As a business owner, you have plenty on your plate.  What separates the business owners who thrive versus the ones who survive is that they make a commitment to their purpose.  They do this by walking in their purpose daily with intention and integrity.

Does your day tend to get away from you?

Do you work a lot of nights and weekends, retail hours but you don’t work retail?

Do you tend to not get important things done due to overwhelm?

This is not an uncommon productivity issue in the entrepreneur lifestyle.

If you found yourself saying yes to some of the above questions, don’t worry.  There is hope.

This week’s podcast talks about what it means for you to walk through each and every day with intention and integrity to ensure that you are committed to your purpose, your family and to value creation for your market.

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PS.  I mentioned the High Level Execution Blueprint tool.  You can get access by clicking this link.

Ep 242- What Do You Really Want in Life?

Life doesn’t always roll out the red carpet for your hopes and dreams.  In fact, sometimes it can feel like it does the exact opposite.  Once the resistance comes, the uncommitted stop in their tracks and walk the other way.  You can commit to your reasons or your results but you can’t commit to both.  The resistance is coming to see what the answer is to the question of, “What do I really want in life?”

Scarcity is an unforgiving master.  Scarcity wants you to believe:

  • Relationships don’t work
  • You aren’t enough
  • You don’t know enough
  • Safety is the only way.  Stay in your lane.

An uncommitted mind will accept these for the reasonable sounding excuses that they are and leave you sitting in the same place that you’ve always been as life passes you by.

I’m a man that’s crazy enough to believe that you are more than you think you are.  I have had the good fortune of making a career out of supporting other people’s dreams and helping them push through limits to places they didn’t think possible. It’s a pretty damn good calling.

Walk with me today as I ask you the question about what you really want in life. Check out the episode by clicking the player above or subscribe and listen in iTunes.

Ep 239- Bringing Your Darkness Into the Light

When you have two people that you broke bread with as a college aged man take their lives in the span of a month (I talked about this a bit in episode 237 on gratitude and grace), it causes you to start to reflecting on your own life and your own struggles.  For years, I held onto darkness that was at times unbearable and I bore the weight of that darkness, largely, by myself.

Great leadership can’t authentically occur when darkness is present.

Your purpose can’t be expressed to the fullest with darkness.

Darkness can make scarcity and scarcity thinking look like abundance and that you are operating in the producer paradigm.

As promised, here’s angry ass high school Brandon.

Relationships can’t flourish and grow amidst darkness.

If you need help, as many of us do, don’t hold onto that burden by yourself.

You can run to other things to try and satisfy you (drugs, alcohol, porn, success, etc.) but these things will never truly hit the mark.  In fact, most of them, when left unchecked will be your undoing in life.

Check out this week’s episode and let me know your thoughts.  Where have you seen this show up in your life?

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Ep 237- The Power of Gratitude and Grace

Coming up on 10 years in business there are a lot of things to be grateful for and a lot of people to thank.  As I review the recording, there are a ton of people who I missed in here from clients to employees.  My Experience Coordinator, Marie has been a great asset to my business over the years.  Several mentors, coaches and trainers over the years who have pushed me and prepared me.

I am not going to dive too far into today’s topic except to say that this podcast is deeply personal and I give some shout outs of gratitude to some (but not all) impactful people over the years.  Enjoy the show and check in with your thoughts and make sure you are subscribed in iTunes.

How to Measure Productivity at Your Office

Editors note AKA note from Brandon:  Measurement is an issue that comes up frequently in coaching.  I have shared some of these infogrpahics in the past and saw some food for thought in this one.  Enjoy!

How do you know how much you—or anyone else in your office—get done during the workday?

                  Unless you’re producing a specific good, such as working on a line that makes cakes for example, you probably have a harder time answering that questions. It isn’t as simple as counting units, and especially for administrative people or creative personnel, it gets even more complicated. Sales people can at least point to calls made and customer service individuals can start with problems resolved. But everyone else may be puzzled about what is considered productive.

                  It may entail figuring out general baselines related to project type; that’s one way to assess time, effort, and output. You will have comparisons in your own office as well as to the industry as a whole. And you’ll have to remember that not all tasks can or should be counted; they may be significant to helping your industry without having a quantifiable return. This graphic helps you understand this complicated issue.

Please include attribution to https://zerocater.com with this graphic.

How to Measure Productivity at Your Office

Ep 236- Who’s Taking Care of You?

When things hit the fan and aren’t working out the way you want them to and when the demands of others starts to become overwhelming, what do you do? Many people look to create some margin in their lives and the thing that they look to cut out of their lives are items for their own self care.  Things like coaching, friendship, spending time with family, working out, eating well, etc. When things are going tough, who takes care of you?

The problem with always subordinating your needs in the service of something or someone else is that if you aren’t good for yourself, it’s difficult to be worthwhile for others. You may be nodding your head and thinking, yes this makes sense.  When real life hits, you typically fold your plans in favor of someone else’s.

This week’s podcast is about the dangers of letting your self care go in favor of busyness and activity.  I hope you enjoy this week’s perspective. If this show was useful, please share it.  If you enjoy the show, rate it and subscribe in iTunes.   Also you can see the new cover art for the show as well.

Ep 234- The Cure for Scarcity

How do you overcome scarcityWe all fall victim to scarcity thinking in our lives. When you operate out of a scarcity mindset, you play not to lose instead of playing to win. You blame other people for your shortcomings. You work against your purpose rather than work with the talents and abilities that God gave you to create value for the world. How do you overcome scarcity thinking?

You can’t eliminate scarcity thinking from your life completely but you can choose how long you sit in that scarcity and how far you let it take you.  To give yourself the support you need for 2018, ask yourself the following questions:

I talk about this and what my key to overcoming scarcity is in this week’s podcast.  Click on the podcast player to listen to the episode or you can catch the episode on Itunes.

Ep 233- The Purpose of Work

the purpose of workWhy do you work?  Is it for a paycheck and financial security? For something to do? Is it an expression of something that you feel called to do? Does it eradicate a problem that you care about? What is the purpose of work?

I believe we are wired for work and value creation.  I don’t think God placed us on the Earth to do work that we hate for thirty years until we can retire.  That’s assuming you can retire.

This week I tackle a couple of fallacies and issues that I have seen around work.  Particularly in how people complain about work or in how they treat work.

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