The Management Playbook: Be The Common Denominator Of Success

Management Playbook Brandon Allen

You are, no doubt, familiar with the term, “people are assets”.  Saying it is one thing believing it is another.  I agree that people are assets but people aren’t assets without help.

People are assets when you take the time and develop those people.

People are assets when they work with other people who inspire and push them.

Most of your reading have owned a home at some point.  Most of you would also call this home an asset.  Now imagine that you bought a house and never cleaned it.  Imagine that when the house needed repairing you never fixed it.  Maybe you have pets and you let them use the bathroom on the carpet.  Your home is an asset and, chances are, you would never do any of the things that I just mentioned.

Since people are assets, you would think that most people are treated like assets but they aren’t.   In a business setting, employees don’t get the training they need.  They aren’t told how they are doing in their job.  When employees make mistakes, they are made to feel small into of empowered to find the solution and get it right the next time.

I wrote The Management Playbook to give manager’s and leaders of small businesses the tools to lead and manage their teams more effectively.

When you lead more effectively, you create a team that supports you with the work that they do.  They ease your burden as a leader.  The culture of your business is one where people enjoy being.  Is that the kind of business you want?

Check out The Management Playbook on Amazon here.  I look forward to hearing your feedback.

6 thoughts on “The Management Playbook: Be The Common Denominator Of Success”

  1. Nice. A virtuous book I should say. I think it’s time businessmen (business leaders) to sit down for a while and think about their employees. It’s time to give importance to its employees because it’s where the company relies on. It’s the organization that makes the company. So make that as an asset.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    By the way, perhaps you and your readers can check out our website where we host different small business events in different cities across America. Thanks and kudos to your blog.


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