Feed The Startup Beast- Interview With Drew Williams

My interview with Drew WilliamsI have been a little quiet over the last three weeks but that’s about to change.  I am going to start things off by telling you about a great book that I read last month on marketing your business called Feed The Startup Beast.

This is one of the best and most practical marketing books that I have read in a while.  Most of the time when I read a book on marketing, I walk away with a feeling that I learned that I need to hire the author to get the marketing work done that I need for my business.

Feed The Startup Beast is different. 

The book starts with giving you a really simple tip to find out how great your product/service is and what your customers really think about it.  Sounds terrifying right?  The insight to be gained from this process is invaluable as many of you already know.

From there it talks about what offers you should get in front of your raving fans to boost sales.

The prospecting sequence is the process that I found the most valuable and I have already started to implement pieces of this process into my own marketing.  If you have a following and a list, the biggest challenge can be in separating interested buyers from people who just wanted to check out the freebie you were offering.  Feed The Startup Beast offers an easy to understand process to implement that allows you to qualify your prospects in a way that allows you to identify who’s serious.


There are a number of great tools that supplement the book that you can get here as well as the book.

In addition to the book, I was able to interview one of the authors, Drew Williams and get his insights on how he has seen these tools work and why they wrote the book.  Check out the interview below and, as always, you can subscribe in iTunes.


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