How to Measure Productivity at Your Office

Editors note AKA note from Brandon:  Measurement is an issue that comes up frequently in coaching.  I have shared some of these infogrpahics in the past and saw some food for thought in this one.  Enjoy!

How do you know how much you—or anyone else in your office—get done during the workday?

                  Unless you’re producing a specific good, such as working on a line that makes cakes for example, you probably have a harder time answering that questions. It isn’t as simple as counting units, and especially for administrative people or creative personnel, it gets even more complicated. Sales people can at least point to calls made and customer service individuals can start with problems resolved. But everyone else may be puzzled about what is considered productive.

                  It may entail figuring out general baselines related to project type; that’s one way to assess time, effort, and output. You will have comparisons in your own office as well as to the industry as a whole. And you’ll have to remember that not all tasks can or should be counted; they may be significant to helping your industry without having a quantifiable return. This graphic helps you understand this complicated issue.

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How to Measure Productivity at Your Office

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