Episode 166: What To Do if Your Business Is Always Stressful

What to do when your business is always stressfulYou know that person that is always stressed out to the max?  Every.  Single. Day.  I get exhausted just watching someone like that operate.  It’s each for entrepreneurs to get themselves in a state of perpetual stress.  If this is you, that type of issue doesn’t just affect you, it affects the entire team.  Don’t worry though, there are ways to fix a situation of continued stress in your business.

If you are always referring to your business as crazy, you may be doing this in good fun or it could be the root cause of a deeper issue that needs to be addressed in your business.  Stress effects people negatively in the long term.  It hurts their ability to be creative, their health and their willingness to show up for work every day.

Some stress can be healthy and a great way to grow.  If things are stressful for too long, however, it starts to take its’ toll.  You start to lose employees, business or even your family.

If you are office is run by stress, this week’s New Work Revolution podcast will give you some tips and pointers on what you can do differently to ensure that your work environment is healthy and productive.

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